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Assoc.Prof. Dr. Ika Darnhofer

BOKU (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences)
Institute of Agricultural and Forestry Economics
Feistmantelstr. 4, 1180 Vienna, Austria
PhD (Graduate) Course Leader: Systems Thinking in Research Practice, 7 – 14 July

My research focus is on management and decision making on family farms.Although I appreciate the value of the various tools of neoclassical economics for informing farm management on the short-term and for commercial farms, I find they are limited in their ability to capture the complexity family farmers face, when making decisions over the medium to long term. I am also convinced that limiting ourselves to quantitative data and mathematical analysis curtails our ability to capture important aspects of events.Currently my research focuses on resilience as a primary management goal of family farmers. Although resilience thinking has primarily been applied at the spatial level of whole social-ecological systems, I believe that many principles can be applied at the farm level, and that these will help us understand how farmers manage their farm under real-life conditions.My second research focus is on transitions to sustainability in the agro-food system. Here I build on the multi-level perspective within transition studies to structure the analysis of - more or less successful - changes towards sustainability. In the analysis of societal dynamics, I also include insights from co-evolutionary thinking as well as the lessons from complex adaptive systems. My case study of choice to address these issues is the development of organic farming in Austria.