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Dipl. Ing. Johannes Goellner

Center of Risk and Crises Management
Chairman of the Board
Exploratory Group Co-Chair: Smart Economy and Risks in Global Supply Chain Networks (see Ing. Viliam Zathurecky, PhD and Dr. Martin Stierle)

Exploratory Group Co-Chair: Strategic Human Resource Management and Digitalization of the Production (see Ottmar Popp, MSc, MBA)

Exploratory Group Co-Chair: Cyber Democracy & Cyber Development & Cyber Defense (with Dr. David F. J. Campbell, PD and Univ.Prof. Dr. Gerald Quirchmayr)
This session covers a wide spectrum of issues relating to economic and political development enabled by information and communication technology. Contributions provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities created by technological innovations that are profoundly affecting the dynamics of economic growth, promotion of democratic principles, and the protection of individual rights. Areas such as management, politics, economics, law, psychology, sociology are to be discussed extensively in connection, e.g. including health care, energy and environmental policy, banking and finance, disaster recovery, investment in research and development, homeland protection and diplomacy within ICT and its economic, political and social impact. Format: Presentation: 20 mins; Q&A: 10 minsKeywords: Politics, social science, legal science, economics, socio-ecological, socio-technological, system design, transdisciplinary, comprehensive approach, science, humanities, engineering, interface, risk analysis, innovation, knowledge development, information- and communication technology, foresight, intelligence, cyber democracy, cyber development, cyber defense, smart economy