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Josephine von Mitschke-Collande

Innaxis Research Institute
Programme Manager
Innaxis Research Institute (INX, www.innaxis.org) is a private and independent research institution addressing complex scientific challenges of significant social and economic impact.

Innaxis'​ agenda covers different sectors: aviation, transport, ICT, life sciences, environment, energy and social sciences. Innaxis uses an interdisciplinary approach and the state of the art in data science, mathematical modelling, nonlinear systems, data mining, big data, predictive analytics and computational simulation.

Innaxis counts with a very interdisciplinary group of bright researchers, engineers, scientists, PhD students, data scientists, designers, physicists and mathematicians who work hard to solve the most challenging problems. The team has been growing since 2007 and holds a wide complementary range of skills, education, and training. It is with the efficient teamwork that Innaxis can discover new, innovative ways to provide novel insights on the performance of complex systems, knowledge discovery and data mining. The outcomes would not be feasible without the support of Innaxis legal, financial, administrative, communication and marketing individuals.

see more about Innaxis work, projects, and frequent clients/collaborators at: www.innaxis.org