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European School of Governance
SIG Chair: Organisational Transformation and Social Change (OTSC)There are two main research directions and one exploratory group in OTSC this year in Vienna. The two guiding topics are digital transformation and post-truth society. What can a systems perspective add to these two crucial contemporary debates? How are organisations and societies affected by the digital revolution? Is it all self-organising emergence or can it be directed and taken care of? Can it be balanced and contained? And how can management and governance be possible if we cannot rely on truth in the dynamics of social systems? Academic reflections based on action research and systemic inquiry are most welcome.The exploratory group within OTSC looks at Critical Narrative Inquiry.The purpose of this exploratory group is to create a dialogue between critical approaches to organisations and systemic approaches dealing with how organisations as complex entities are continuously created and recreated. These approaches share a common thematic in working from a critical perspective on contemporary organisations; secondly, they work with developing new critical frameworks for understanding and analysing organisations from a complexity point of view; thirdly they wish to apply these frameworks in developing new innovative concepts and learning methodologies for leadership, organisational or community development. On the one hand, the aim of the exploratory group is to question dominant principles on which modern societies have been founded; on the other hand, it is to help framing an action-oriented alternative based on ethics, dialogue, learning and sustainability.The OTSC presentation format focuses on dialogue. Though it embraces conventional presentation formats, with each author allotted 10 to 15 minutes for presentation. Debate and dialogue are very much encouraged. Where possible sessions are organised in the form of panels.Publication opportunities in OTSC are given in the form of a special issue with the Journal for Organisational Transformation and Social Change (Taylor & Francis). The format for submissions should be as a normal academic paper of 8000 words. Referencing style is APA 6th edition. Final submission is due 15 September 2017.Format: TED Talk style invited Presentation: 10 mins; Q&A: 5 mins; Discussion: 15 minsKeywords: Organisation, change, action research, systemic inquiry, social systems, digital transformation, post-truth, critical narrative